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      "No one can keep step with him but Arling," remarked a third; "if he gets well enough, there will be a close race between them."

      The Major paused long enough to empty his glass, and then resumed, in a more amiable tone. "The best thing you can do, Harry, is to stay here with me; I'll make a rice-planter of you. It doesn't take a ninny for that, by any means; your talents will not be thrown away. And if we suit each other,as I think we shall,I'll give you Bergan Hall when my title to it expires. To be sure, I'm strong and hearty yet; but no one lasts forever. And as you are named for me, and I like your looks, I would rather give it to you than anybody else. In fact, I've had it in my mind, for some time, to write to Eleanor and ask her to do just what she has done,send one of her boys to live with me, and be my heir."

      Interesting societyAnecdotes of the past TerrorCasimirThe RestorationMadame RoyaleLouis XVIII.The coiffeur of Marie AntoinetteThe regicideReturn of the Orlans familyAn astrologerA faithful servantSociety of the RestorationIsabeyMeyerbeerConclusion. My dear Son Fritz,I am glad you need no more medicine. But you must have a care of yourself some days yet, for the severe weather gives me and every body colds. So pray be on your guard.

      "Having found you, my little cousin, my art sister," said she, smiling, "I shall never let you go!"

      280 Yes, I say, the king rejoined. That is my answer, and I will never give any other.

      It is odd how strong a resemblance can co-exist with perfect dissimilarity of features and complexion. Though she was very lovelythis Coralie Youleand with a blithesome and bewitching loveliness all her own, Bergan had never been able to look upon her, nor could he see her now, without some deep, keen pain, as from an unhealed wound. There were tones in her voice which reminded him of one that he would hear no more; and she had ways and gestures which continually awakened memories not yet softened by distance into lines and tints of perfect purity and peace. And yet, what an irresistible, subtle charm in her was this very power to pain him!



      "No question but that he'll pass!" said one. "He's all brain,I'd be content with half as much."


      Apollo's herds.'According to Fredericks computation, he had succeeded in wresting this province from Maria Theresa at an expense of eight hundred and fifty-three thousand lives, actual fighters, who had perished upon the field of battle. Of these, one hundred and eighty thousand were Prussians. Of the hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children who, in consequence of the war, had perished of exposure, famine, and pestilence, no note is taken. The population of Prussia had diminished, during the seven years, five hundred thousand.